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Results for 8 March 2021

A Grade: 1st Stephen Cuff, 2nd Nick Spratt, 3rd Rhys Clarke, 4th Ben Dyball and 5th Scott Reynolds.

B Grade: 1st Adrian Azzopardi, 2nd Greg Nelson, 3rd Ian Grant, 4th Josh Van Magill and 5th John Cooper.

C Grade: 1st Trent Lupton, 2nd Andrew Shaw, 3rd Mitchell Jeffries, 4th Martin Dalits and 5th Greg Cochrane.

D Grade: 1st Ethan Mackie, 2nd Lindon Milostic, 3rd Shane Richards and 4th Jeff Scott.

Next Monday will be our last night at the International Regatta Centre.

Thanks to our sponsors Sinclair Automotive and Danny Le Gatt Tours.
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Congratulations to Penrith Cycling Club member Stephen Cuff on taking fastest time in Wagga Wagga today on day 2 of the Tolland handicaps.

Don’t forget we are racing at the International Regatta Centre tomorrow.
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Well done cuffy congrats and to all the club riders that took part !!!!

Well done Cuffy. Great effort. Congratulations to all those from Penrith who flew the club colours on the weekend

Good race had by all today in Wagga with the race coming together in the last KM except the scratch markers, Matt Smithson looked like he was on the money until a crash occurred and he’s front wheel fell apart running into the finish. All five Penrith riders dodged the crash and finished the race ... See MoreSee Less

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Penrith Cycling Club represent

How were the wheels Nick?

Good guys.

Today is the opening weekend to the NSW Road Season.

We have 5 riders competing in the Tolland Handicap Weekend, Wagga Wagga.

Best of luck to Stephen Cuff, Nick Spratt, Sean Brunt, Matt Smithson and Peter Wakefield.
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Everyone went well and is safe. That matt Smithson bloke was there at the finish and broke his front wheel with 200m to go.

Good luck boys

Go get them boys

Good luck boys

Good luck gents

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Look forward to seeing all riders at our next race on Monday 8th March at the Regatta Centre.

We are excited to announce we have added extra dates to this summer series, with racing being extended until Monday 19th April 2021.

Penrith for the first time ever will be racing under lights at SMSP, Eastern Creek from 22 March 2021 to 19 April 2021 (excluding Easter Monday).

With the shorter days coming, keep your training up with racing under lights and now there will be even more opportunity to get your hands on some points for the summer series pointscore.

Thanks to our generous sponsor Sinclair Automotive the following prizes are up for grabs:

1st Mustang V8 for a weekend
2nd Ranger Raptor for a weekend
3rd A free service to the value of $300
4th A Ford escape or Puma for a weekend

Our winter calendar is being finalised and will be available soon.

Thanks to our Sponsors - Sinclair Automotive and Danny Le Gatt Tours for making this possible.
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If the rain holds out

Sounds great

Well done guys that’s awesome news

Wohoo!! Awesome news

Yes! More racing ladies Heather Bray Melissa Fanning

Have shared to all Marconi pages and groups.


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Many of you would of seen an article yesterday on ABC News relating to our club and our racing.

We would like to take the opportunity to clarify some of the issues raised and firmly state that we encourage female participation in our club racing.

Firstly, the person named in the article is not a member of Penrith Cycling Club. The article mentions she was racing at her 'Local Club', which is inaccurate.

Whilst we would love nothing more than to hold women specific events, regrettably we simply do not have enough numbers to do so at our regular club events.

We feel the best way to make the racing as fair as possible is to grade the racing on ability, rather than gender or age. Not only fair, but inclusive in recognising the talent of our female participants, with many being awarded prizemoney and recognition on the podium when competing in a gender neutral race.

Each week numbers permitting, we hold 5 grades; A to E. While our competitors initially choose the grade they feel is suitable for their ability, we have a club handicapper who identifies if their chosen grade is too easy or hard. Guidance will then be provided where they race in a grade where they are not only more comfortable, but also competitive. Irrespective of gender, this is proven to increase the enjoyment and motivation to improve.

Our policy is to pay the first female (non-placed female) across the line when there is 5 or more women in the grade raced. In the case of last Monday's night race, the said person's grade had 4 female riders not 6 (her plus 5 others) as stated in the article.

In an attempt to encourage women's racing, we have trialled several initiatives in the past. These include:

* The facilitation of women only training sessions to try and build
confidence and participation;
* The promotion of women only point scores.

Unfortunately these were not well supported due to lack of numbers.

In relation to the $15 entry fee, the majority of this fee funds the hiring of the venue where we hold our weekly races. This typically starts at $550 and can be well above $600 if numbers are higher. The prize pool is a much smaller percentage of the race takings and where there are lower numbers at any given race, prize money is funded from sponsorship and other resources.

Referring to the statement of male cyclists being intimidating and belittling, it is common practice that for safety reasons, passing cyclists are encouraged to the warn any cyclists they are approaching. This will typically be in the form of a ‘stay left’ or ‘on your right’ call. Unfortunately, at times this can sound abrupt and intimidating.

Furthermore, when choosing a suitable venue for our races, we always ensure that there are adequate toilet facilities. Sydney International Regatta Centre offers both women’s, men’s and disabled toilets, as does Sydney Motor Sport Park.

Lastly, Penrith Cycling Club welcomes all riders to our club racing and if anyone has any further suggestions or input on this matter please approach any of our Committee Members.
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Always good racing out at Penrith. Jim, Kelly, Danielle & the team there do a great job & I have always found everyone to be polite, courteous & inclusive. Keep up the good work PCC

Well written. Keep up the great work PCC There will always be people critical of any decision. I look forward to the person mentioned in the article leading change in the sport, and supporting the current volunteer base across the sport in doing so

Whenever my daughter comes out to race with you she always enjoys the day , both the racing and the banter, would of course be great to have womens only grades but as both my wife a former racer and daughter say the packs are too small and they enjoy racing in big fields with the men

Great response Penrith! Thank you for putting on races each week, love racing against others who make me a stronger and more confident rider regardless of their gender 😎 I have never felt intimidated or marginalised because of being a girl at racing, thanks PCC committee!

Can’t we just all be thankful we have racing under the hardship and circumstances in getting a circuit these days, let alone the tireless and thankless work by Jim, Danielle, Kelly etc. No one races club racing for the prizes. We do it to kill ourselves and put shit on our mates we beat. Did they mention out most successful rider is female who is a multi time national champ, Olympian and world champ medalist. It’s impossible to keep everyone happy. All clubs do a great job and we have grades so that people can ride to their ability and have a chance at winning that includes men, women and young kids. I think a lot of us need to say thanks to the clubs more not find ways to shit on them.

Very clear and positive reply PCC. As Ryan said, the club was very misrepresented in the article. I would like to point out 2 points 1. The reference to the toilets was in regard to the Armory crit held by LACC. Where the female toilets are located over 400m away. 2. The reference to “intimidating as the riders were being lapped” was again at the armory crit. I sincerely hope this does not dampen the enthusiasm of your volunteers who work so hard to provide racing for all. However, I know that it will, as situations like this feel like a kick in the guts. Please extend our gratitude and support to your volunteers.

I briefly looked at the article. My first thought was I have never ridden and raced for prize money. If I did, I'd be living in the gutter somewhere. 😬

Well written, PCC does a fantastic job encouraging women and I see all the women at racing being treated equally by all the men. Our clubs most successful rider is a female - multi Olympian, multi worlds medalist and all round great person. I don’t watch or listen to ABC for this very reason. Their articles are false / misleading more often that not. Keep up the great work Danielle, Kellie, and Jim!!! We are so very greatful to be having a club to race at especially with the last 12 months of tough times.

As one of the few regular female cyclists at Penrith, I feel fully supported by the club, and my fellow C graders.

There's a lot more that our sport needs to do for women, but your club was treated unfairly by the ABC. Danielle and the team at Penrith Cycling Club do a remarkable job as volunteers to provide opportunities for everyone to race in western Sydney, and they should be commended for it.

Great response Penrith. I’ve found your races very professionally run and the Penrith rides who participate in races held by other clubs and at NSW state races to also be very professional. So if anything some clubs could learn from Penrith. As to bike racing being intimidating, well it can be a very dangerous sport that sometimes requires very direct communication to avoid a serious incident. If someone, male or female, is not for that find another sport!! In regards to the involvement of women at Penrith, well if Amanda Spratt is any indication I’d suggest more of the same.

Well said PCC and again thank you for allowing us ALL to race most Monday nights, thanks to the dedicated volunteers from the club that help make it possible...

This quote got me:: "Recently in a mixed gender race two of us [women] stayed with the pack until about half way then dropped off, when they came back around to pass me they were yelling at us not to take the inside corner — that would never happen if it was another man." Nothing to do with being female, you were on the "inside" of the corner. Anyone, old,young, male, female, them, theirs, would have been told to move.

ABC have clearly not done any thorough research on the matter nor the club. I love racing with Penrith CC and have never felt anything but encouragement and comradery from the other athletes and racing facilitators both male and female. I also have never heard any of my fellow female rider express any displeasure at how they were treated because of their gender, nor that there isn’t any female only racing. This is simply a poorly done article using a non-representative sample of the experiences of female riders racing with the club.

Well said and explained. The experience shared by this rider of PCC jarred sharply with me and seemed to be in direct contrast to my own experience of attending several events hosted by your Club over the years. I recall in fact struggling in an early crit race there and your club President at the time hung back and helped navigate me through the rest of the race. It’s disappointing this rider experienced what she did, and there’s not much in the way of facts from both sides presented to explain. But it definitely struck me as at odds with what I know about the culture, organisation and riders of PCC.

Lefty ABC reporting. What more can you expect? Nothing in that article rings true. Penrith great cycling club run by dedicated volunteers. Thanks to you all

Penrith Cycling Club always welcoming and inclusive I’ve been a lone female cyclist for years and never felt threatened or intimidated but also never wanted a participation certificate. I think PCC do a fantastic job

I have always felt welcome, in fact it is not only the organisers but also the other riders who have helped build my confidence to race. Hopefully women can read these articles and not be deterred to race, rather be inspired to get out there and have a crack at racing. I am sure any cycling club would be willing to discuss any concerns/questions prior to or after racing. Keep up the good work PCC and if there are any ladies out there who want to race then happy to chat to you too!

Obviously no research was done before putting the story to air. PCC and the whole area has a high number of female cyclist who are regular riders in racing , bunch rides and are all treated as equal. Good response to a very poor inaccurate portrayal of women in cycling.

Didn’t see the article but I have never seen anything other than positive efforts by Penrith Cycling club (board and members) to incorporate all participants in racing and associated events.

This is why the 'media' are not making money. Piss poor 'journalism' and reporting. How on earth do you publish a story without contacting the other side for comment. Just incredible. Makes you realise what people will swallow without using their brains. As someone else said below "articles are false / misleading more often that not." True of just about every media article now. Lets hope they publish a retraction.

Keep up the great work Penrith Cycling Club and ignore the ignorant dummy spitters.

Thank you Penrith Cycling Club for everything that you do! I have been a member for 20 years and whilst I spend most of my year racing overseas I always get some club racing back in the legs when I am back in Australia over summer. I still love it! I feel grateful to be a member of a club that supports female riders. This is an inclusive club where you are made to feel welcome no matter your gender or ability. The grading system works well and I have only ever felt encouraged by everyone else to improve and be part of the racing. The comaraderie doesn’t end on a Monday night either- many of us CHOOSE to ride together more often and it makes me happy every year to see everyone again at the races or the bunch rides and often with more women there too. Over the years I have also seen the efforts made to help women specifically and I remember fondly the efforts Dad put into running women-specific skills sessions. I also have many memories of male riders at the club being really excited to introduce me to new female members of the club. There is a real WANT for everyone to just enjoy riding their bike. So from me I just want to say THANKS to my club for your support of female riders and for your inclusive environment.

Excellent response 👌

This article is full of miss information and feelings, not facts. The fastest cyclist wins in each grade, nothing to do with gender.

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Unfortunately, we will have to cancel Monday 1 March as the Sydney International Regatta Centre is now unavailable.

Next race will be 8 March 2021 at the Sydney International Regatta Centre.
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C'mon fellas... time to step into the 20th century (or even better, into the 21st).

"Female cyclists discouraged by lack of recognition as men in the same race awarded prize money"

Brad Collins


Cracking night of racing, weather held off, large numbers across all divisions.

A Grade: 1st Cru Halliday, 2nd Matt Smithson, 3rd Nick Spratt, 4th Rhys Clarke and 5th Stephen Cuff.

B Grade: 1st Ivan Lloret, 2nd Adrian Pelegrín, 3rd David Gradden, 4th ???? and 5th Kevin Young.

C Grade: 1st LT Hopper, 2nd Mitchell Jeffries, 3rd Phil Eyke, 4th Aaron Bernard and 5th??

D Grade: 1st Levi Pajarin, 2nd Justin Burris, 3rd Vincent Nguyen and 4th Lindon Milostic.

Thanks to our sponsors Sinclair Automotive and Danny Le Gatt Tours.

Next race will be at the International Regatta Centre.
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Simon, Sarah, Richard and Glen I encourage you to read Penrith Cycling Club’s post addressing the inaccurate ABC article.

Thanks Penrith CC for putting on a good race

No women cyclists?

The real winner of the night was Lindon Milostic picking up the 5 bucks on the side of the tack

Where are the women?

Race of the year in B grade

Where is the recognition/podium photos of women who raced? Super disappointing.

Could someone from the club please explain why the women don't receive a podium recognition or prize money?

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