Cycling Australia manages all memberships for affiliated Cycling Clubs– so to become a member of the Penrith Cycling Club, just join Cycling Australia, and nominate Penrith Cycling Club as your selected club.  Here’s the link to the Cycling Australia Membership page.

Annual membership prices range from $32 to $228, depending on age and membership type. (As an indication, most of our adult members currently pay $178pa).  All the details are in the CA Membership page, or contact the club secretary.

There are no “manual” memberships any more – so if you’re off the grid and/or don’t have  credit card then you might need to talk to a friend or one of the committee 🙂

There are three membership types – Recreational, Racing and Non-Riding.  Membership include a range of insurances and other benefits, depending on the type  –  pick one that suits your needs.  Go to the CA Membership page for complete details.

Membership is per calendar year, but in July each year discounted “balance of year” memberships are available.  Check with CA for details. There are various other membership discounts and add-ons – for such things as upgrading a BMX or MTB membership, replacing a lost member card, transferring to another club, etc.  Go to the Cycling Australia FAQ page for all the details.

The total CA membership fee – for any membership type – includes components to cover insurance premiums, to support CA, to support CNSW and there is also a small component that goes to the Penrith Cycling Club (up to about $22 depending on the membership type).

On taking out a licence you will immediately receive an emailed receipt, and later a plastic membership card.  Print and show the emailed receipt as proof of membership until your plastic card arrives.

The Penrith Cycling Club Secretary has access to the CA database of our club members – including all the information you provide to CA when taking out or renewing registration.


Renewing membership online is easy.  Click this link and then the RENEW button and then follow these steps:

  • Enter the login and password sent to you by Cycling Australia via email when you first joined
  • Select your licence type (upgrades and downgrades can be done here).
  • Follow the prompts to review and update your personal details including mailing address, contact numbers and email addresses that CA (and Penrith Cycling Club) have on file for you.
  • You will be prompted at the end to supply your credit card details for payment of fees.

Once you have renewed you will receive an email from the Cycling Australia website thanking you for your payment and advising you of your licence number & type.  This email is your temporary licence until your licence card arrives in the mail (usually within four weeks). Please carry this email with you to all races. (“No Licence = No Race!).


There are a range of one-off licences available – including 1 and 3-race licences.  Follow this link to see the options and costs.  Again, it’s an online process.


The Transfer process is explained in the FAQs. There are some restrictions and a release from the existing club is required.  Contact the club secretary regarding transfers.