Rank Document Revision Date Description
1 Constitution 4 November 2021  4 Nov 21  This is the set of rules and polices that governs the Club.
2 Committee Roles and Responsibilities  14Jul16  This is a brief outline of the roles and responsibilities of committee members.
3 Child Protection Policy 12Jul16  This is a Club Policy dealing specifically with Child Protection.
4 Policies&Procedures 4 November 2021  4 Nov 21  This document supplements the Club Constitution, and details policies and procedures related to various matters, including event management, managing sponsorships, member privacy, compensation for volunteers, race entry disclaimers, etcetera 
5 Penrith Cycling Club Racing Rules Admin Guidelines  01May17  This document is concerned with the Club’s race events – race types, grading, prize money, scoring, incentives, travel support, etcetera.
6  Certificate of Incorporation  16Feb16  This document confirms that the Club is Incorporated and meets the requirements of Fair Trading NSW.
7  Certificate of Insurance Currency (Cycling Australia Inc) 15July20  This document confirms that the Club has insurance cover.
8 Incentive Claim Form 08July2020 Download this document to claim rider incentives and race refunds